First Post

As my first post, I believe that it would be good to talk about my mission statement for this blog.  I would like to discuss first hand accounts of projects gone well as well as those that propose more of a challenge.  I want to bring the latest news in the world of Project Management, Program Management, and Portfolio Management (3PM).

I have had my PMP since 2003.  I remember the studying and rote memorization of the different aspects of the PMBOK.  I was fortunate enough to take a prep course (Chetah Learning) and would highly recommend this route for those seeking to take the PMP.  A good friend of mine, Cornelius Fitchner, hosts the PMP Prepcast and I would recommend that people access this also.  Cornelius is the owner and host of the Project Management podcast as well.  This is probably the most listened to podcast for Project Management.  With well over a 100 episodes of all phases of project management, he continues to push the knowledge envelope for PM’s.

I look forward to this journey with you and may we both be better because of it. 

All the best,

Greg Cimmarrusti, PMP



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6 responses to “First Post

  1. Vince

    This is great information, I will continue to follow your insight! Thanks


  2. I had that as a necessary task in a project that I was assigned to before I was with Htiachi in Dallas National BIPM team – not with you, but with another great and focused project manager.

    Things can be done even if all else looks ‘pear shaped’ except if there is one unmovable object – finance and change of senior C-level stakeholders.

    Good luck on future endeavors !

  3. Greg,

    What an honor to be the subject of your first post!

    Thank you.

    • gcimmarrusti

      Cornelius, when I think of getting the latest info on Project Management, there is no better source than the Project Management Podcast. I have all 117 episodes on my iPod. Thanks for all of your hard work and determination. Now since I have some time, I could still do a podcast for you on Project Chartering or Network Diagramming 😉

  4. gcimmarrusti

    Cornelius, sounds like a plan. I wish you all the best, Greg

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